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About Me


I am an organized, hard-working, detail-oriented, manager with an artistic spirit. A reliable team player, 10+ years in the health and wellness industries, 10+ years in communications, project and event management. I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and consider myself to be a creative, resourceful and collaborative critical thinker with excellent interpersonal skills. As a perceptive person, I’m able to think strategically, work cross-functionally and manage multiple priorities to deliver organizational impact. I enjoy public speaking and equally love creative writing and storytelling.


In 2011 I became a 200hr certified yoga teacher, and shortly after a certified Sculpt teacher. In 2013, I became a certified Daily Method Barre teacher and discovered a deeper sense of alignment and muscular endurance. I learned how to not only manage my own injuries but those of my students, and found that the ability to help and heal is powerful. I pride myself on taking people on a fitness journey wherever they are at in their lives, using whatever abilities are available to them. I am a well-studied and well-practiced teacher and student, and love to combine many different styles of fitness into one amazing package. I'm excited to bring my authenticity, my passion, my purpose and my love of music to my classes. You can expect a heart pounding, mind-opening, mood-boosting fun time. I've been told that I teach " addictive, intelligent, and holistic classes that make you look great in clothes".


I have two teenagers, both amazing environmentally-conscious artists, and though they don't like labels, one is a musician and the other a dancer. My husband is an award-winning documentary film editor and I love them all for supporting my goals and for the endless hugs. I love to workout, figure skate, flip through design books, travel, watch movies, listen to music, talk to my siblings, text my parents, spoil my dog, scroll Instagram, buy shoes and plan classes. I was raised in Mpls, grew up in the Bay Area, and recently relocated to Portland, OR where I have found my true happy.  |  510.684.6905

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