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HBG Retreats

My retreats are "more than just yoga" and I am excited to share my love of movement with you.  I am credentialed in a variety of formats  (Sculpt, Yin, Power, and Barre) and I incorporate a variety of classes into my retreats. I believe that all ways of moving your body are valuable, and in all ways. How you move may not look like the next persons and that's OK. I put alignment at the forefront of our practice and we learn as we go. 


If you’ve never been on a retreat before I know it can make you feel a little anxious. What am I getting myself into? Will it be too hard? Too easy? To woo-woo. I'm out of practice and haven't worked out in a year (or years) and I'm embarrassed. Who else will be there? Do I have to do everything the group does? Can I have time to myself?  What about food restrictions? I could answer each of these (and more) but the short answer is - everything will be OK. It will be better than ok, it will be GREAT.  Fine for newer folks, awesome for those that love a good workout.


However you show up, you will drop into an amazing experience, where everything is there for you. Delicious, gourmet food that honors all dietary preferences, lovely people, amazing classes. You willl also take a few chances. You'll get sore, have big breakthroughs, and leave feeling stretched, refreshed, and looking/feeling like a rock star.


NOTE: everything on retreat is optional - some people do every single thing, every single class and don't miss a meal. Others take 80% of the classes and choose to have more down time. No judgement on taking time to yourself, do what you are up for, enjoy the experience laid out for you, and the beautiful surroundings. How you spend your day, particularly between classes, is entirely up to you. A good book, napping in a hammock, walking the beach, drinking fresh juice or strong cocktails, chatting with's totally your retreat and totally your time. 

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